Friday, July 31, 2009

Highs In The Mid-60's Volume 10 Wisconsin

This is the album you must own, along with the other volumes from AIP Records,this is Highs In The Mid-60's Volume 10.
This compilation contains
some rare records from Wisconsin bands,that are next to impossible to find,so this series was created. Even copies of this compilation album seldom turn up anymore,they were released in the late 1970's early 80's. And at some point they made 28 volumes of these concentrating on each state.There's two for Wisconsin,saying yeah,there's enough cool music here to compile. Actually there could be at least 5 volumes. There's two volumes of Highs In The Mid 60's for Michigan 60's rock, several for California,a couple for the Northwest, and so on and so forth,it would be in your best interest to search them all out,if you love 60's garage music. Because recently,in the last 10 years or so, garage music singles have shot up in value, and this might be the only way people can hear this music. But never fear,dear garage music fans, there's a lot of wonderful labels, putting out this music on small labels, and it would be worth the search and time to seek them out. It's not only valuable to collect these, but the music is really fun,and addictive.You will thank me, when you hear this,well, at least I hope so. One other thing of note,is most of these singles came out on tiny labels,like Cuca,Tee Pee,Dynamic,Nite Owl, and so, this might be the only way you can hear them again. Many of these singles were pressed in limited quantity. Featured on this particular compilation is the Shag or Shags,known by both names, and their biggest single for Capitol records "Stop & Listen", from 1967,which I never get tired of listening to,since there's nothing quite like it for fuzz guitar, and if that wasn't enough,there's the Noblemen "Dirty Robber",from 1960, which is a fabulous piece of surf/frat rock/early garage rock hybrid that's also infectious.
Another song of note, is The Wanderer's Rest "The Boat That I Row" (from 1967) is a fine slice of pop garage rock,that also will stick to the roof of your brain, along with Lord Beverly Moss and The Mossmen "Please Please What's the Matter", doing the best R & B singing and playing that you ever heard, along with the wackiest guitar freakout at the end of the song,perhaps they didn't know just how to end the song,either way it's priceless. The Hinge from Appleton doing "Come On Up" (from 1968) is a terrific cover version of The Young Rascals song, The Young Savages (From Milwaukee) "The Invasion Are Coming" (1967) perhaps not to be taken too seriously -seeing as they think outer space martians are coming soon. Still it's a fun song, and sang tongue on cheek, and has neato reverb and "outer space" effects, although simple,it's effective. I do believe there is an invasion coming, but maybe they didn't know it was the British Invasion. The Deverons "On The Road Again (1965) is a fine example of the folk rock sound,in the mid 60's. The Faro's (from Neenah) "I'm Cryin'" perhaps is a little poor sounding, on the mix, which suffers a little muddy sound, but still pounds out like a good R & B cover that it is. Still for the time, this compilation record came out it was COOL enough,to start me collecting that genre of music, which I will always be glad I did. I always listen to this music. Because if you know the disease that is record collecting, it is never fully complete.So you collect all of your life, hoping to find that original rare record that isn't so much worth five or a thousand dollars, but it's the copy you must have to complete your collection. So you hear it the way the band made that single back in the day.
More of this stuff soon, because there's another volume on Highs In The Mid 60's Wisconsin Part Two, so please stay tuned.

Highs In The Mid 60's

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Milwaukee Early Punk Singles-The Haskels,Die Kreuzen & The Lubricants

I've got 3 cool singles here, which are pretty rare early Milwaukee
punk rock legends...Die Kreuzen with The Cows and Beer EP,
The Haskels 4 song 7 inch extended play from the early 80's which
features the songs: Taking The City By Storm, Body Language,
Daddy's Girl & Baby Let's French. Also for your listening pleasure,
The Lubricants 1980 2 song 7 inch single Activated Energy and
Trans Formation Vacation. Culled from the depths of my rock
and punk vaults,just waiting to assault the public.I hope you enjoy it!
Milwaukee Early Punk Singles

The Baroques- Self Titled Album on Chess Records and The Musical Tribute To The Oscar Mayer Weiner Wagon

The Baroques formed in 1966 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.
In January 1967 they signed a contract with Chess Records.

By June 1967, both the album “Iowa” and single “Mary Jane”
were released and banned in the
same week. The ban was imposed
by some local DJs whose stations directors thought
“Mary Jane”
was a pro-drug song about marijuana. Jay Berkenhagen had actually
written it
as an anti-drug song but no one got it. Instead The
Baroques became infamous as “acid-heads”
due to the “far-out”
sounds on the record. At this point, Jay had never tried drugs in his life.

The Baroques had a fuzz-guitar/keyboard-damaged sound that
retained much of the garage
intensity of ’66 while plunging into the
experimentation that marked the latter part of the decade.

Sure, there are traces of the Byrds and the Zombies,
but by the time the Baroques have had their
way with a pop song,
it’s like the deformed bastard child of those bands hobbling around on
leg. As on “Rose Colored Glasses,” where Jay Berkenhagen’s
odd,deep vocals bounce along
with awkward (yet insanely catchy)
riffs until settling into a gorgeous, harmony-laden chorus.

“Nothing To Do But Cry” is an exceptional folk-rocker that’s
dirtied up with some nice distorted
jangling and raw power-chording.
At times they veer into chaotic fits of noise that wouldn’t sound

too out of place on a Scientists album.(the punk/garage band from
Perth, Australia-which I think might be stretching it
a bit,but what
the heck-maybe you'll check out the band because they are
(“Iowa, A Girl’s Name” “Musical Tribute…”).
But what really sets them apart from other similarly-
bands is the excessively glum atmosphere which pervades most
of the album.
The sludge-folk(a new term) of “Purple Day” and
“Seasons” may come
off too monotonous for some, but there is
something absolutely hypnotizing lurking in the
uncommonly dark
textures of these songs.

Included for your pleasure are the original album The Baroques,
the way it appeared on Chess Records,
and I include the newest
release Purple Day 1967-1968 with some ultra rare Milwaukee
recorded outtakes,
and other bonus songs,never before heard.
They are a little strange,but they might grow on you.

The Baroques

The Baroques-Purple Day