Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6 1963-1969 The Invaders Are Coming!

This might be one of the best compilations,the strongest of Wisconsin's 60's music ever made,yet I know of some missing vital tracks here, I'm going to leave this "as it is". I won't add anything to this one, but might make a missing volume myself. This is essentially the coolest garage songs too. Some of these tracks appeared on other compilations like Highs In The Mid-60's the Pebbles series,and even some Back From The Grave compilations. I love this stuff! The one song that stands out for me is the amazing song Hard Life by the Why 4, garage fiends get ready! This is the coolest unknown garage songs on the planet. Completely uncomped ,and I never found this song on any garage compilation,so far and I've been collecting them since 1979-1980 when the very first Pebbles/Boulders were unleashed on the planet. This comp is a real treat!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6 Various Artists
01. The Converts - Don't Leave Me
02. Merrill's Marauders - The Marauder
03. The Wanderer's Rest - Anytime,Anywhere
04. Jack & The Beanstalks - So Many Times
05. The Zoo - Sometimes
06. The Invasion - Do You Like What You See
07. The Baroques - There's Nothing To Do But Cry
08. The Golden Catalinas - Varsity Club Song
09. The Why 4- Not Fade Away
10. The Why 4 - Hard Life
11. The Crucibles - You Know I Do
12. Joey Gee & The Come-Ons - She's Mean
13. The Moody Walkers - We Never Loved Before
14. The Young Savages - The Invaders Are Coming
15. Attilla & The Huns - The Lonely Huns
16. The Paegons - I Can Only Give You Everything
17. The Ricochettes - Find Another Boy(First Version)
18. The Ricochettes - Don't Waste Your Time
19. The Quarry Men - Don't Try Your Luck
20. Lord Beverly Moss & The Mossmen - Please Please,What's The Matter
21. The Deverons - On The Road Again
22. Kiriae Crucible - Salem Witch Trials
23. The Chevrons- Still In Love With You
24. The Limeys - Silly Little Girl
25. The Loyal Opposition - Telling Lies
26. The Young Savages - Welcome To My World
27. The Casuals - Come On(Pretty One)
28. The Wanderer's Rest - You'll Forget
29. The Matadors - You're A Better Man Than I
30. The Mustard Men - I Lost My Baby
31. The Nomads - You Come Around
The fabulous Joey Gee & The Come-Ons hailed from
Upper Michigan,and recorded their tracks in Wisconsin,
and you should visit Steve Seymour's excellent blog for
more about them(and some other Wisconsin bands-hey!)
Rock n Roll Graffiti blog. He goes into greater detail about the
bands,and I sometimes just prefer to unleash the music
and let the reader decide whether it's a thumbs up or down.
(You either dig it or you don't,right?)
The bands are from: Milwaukee,Janesville, Oshkosh, Appleton,
La Crosse,Racine, Sheboygan, Oshkosh, Beloit, Marinette, and a
couple of bands are from Rockford,IL, Dubuque Iowa, but the labels
(LeRon, Rampro, Sara,Continental, Target,Raynard, Dynamic Sound,
PKC, Coulee, Feature, Wright, Night Owl, Madtown)
they are on,are strictly Wisconsin!
Complete with scans,so you can keep track of the coolness.
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5 The Darnells- (She She)Little Sheila!

More of that rare Wisconsin music this volume features tracks from 1958-1967.
A lot of rare singles,and songs you'd never find anywhere else, for example The Wanted with the song Wanted is a demo,and again, all these singles were really never re-issed on any kind of CD or album. The bands are from Milwaukee,Racine,Superior, Stoughton, La Crosse, Janesville. And the record labels are original issues on: Cuca, Sara, Little Fort, Raynard, Chess,Leaf, Coulee, Robin and some other obscure as heck one off releases.
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5 Various Artists
01. The Emotionals - Miserlou
02. The Valients - Mutha
03. The Bel-Airs - (I'll Be)Forever Loving You
04. The Wanted - Wanted
05. The Darnells - (She She)Little Sheila
06. Johnny Waleen - Mystery Train
07. Sonny Williams - Lucky Linda
08. Skip & The Dukes - Angel
09. Paul Stefan & The Royal Lancers - Baby,I Don't Care
10. The Tempests - Bop-A-Shimmy
11. The Casuals - Come On(Pretty One)
12. The Von Gayels - Twirl
13. The Nocturnes - Cyclone
14. Little Sir Ryland - My Worried Lover
15. The Supremes Four - I Lost My Job(And I've Got to Find Another)
16. The Mule-Skinners - Galloping Paul Revere(The British Are Coming)
17. Al Jarreau - Shake Up
18. The Triumphs - Surfside Date
19. The Super-Phonics - Teen-Age Partner
20. Chuck Sargent & The Ambassadors - I'm Afraid You'll Put Me Down
21. The Rhythm Royals - Near To You
22. The Blue Echoes - Moonride
23. Dick & Roger - Greatest Girl
24. The Fabulous Mad Lads - Walkin' With My Angel
25. Outro - Outro (I kept this from the original disc I got)
26. Bobby Dean - Go Mr. Dillon
A lot of this music is rock and surf/instrumental styled. The terrific
Al Jarreau track is rhythm and blues and is a very catchy little number
from 1966. Most likely his very first single on Raynard Records.
Wow check it out! Moonride by The Blue Echoes is an excellent
surf/instrumental. And naturally The Triumphs is the wildest
song ever...The Nocturnes - Cyclone is yet another fine sax fueled
instrumental...Get it while you can!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5