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Wisconsin Rocks Volume 9 1964-1969 Roo-Buh-Doo-Buh-Doo!

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 9 shoots right back into the 60's,and starts out with a terrific cover of "I Can Tell", gee who hasn't done a version of this song,it's a great one by The Marauders from 1964. The Journeymen do a version of the Yardbirds classic "Mister You're A Better Man Than I", I kind of love their other song on here "Realities In Life" which just rolls along much better than their cover. See kids,your own songs are much better! Cover songs are always going to be judged alongside the originals,and often fall short of wonderful. It's hard to compete with the Yardbirds...Now the Girls Take Over would most likely whip the Yardbird's asses easily. Their song "Hi Heel Sneakers" feels a lot like a precursor to The Runaways. We love that tough chick band sound around here!
The Girls Take Over are perhaps the highlight of this comp. Woah, dig their sound. An speaking of chicks who rock...Raylene & The Three Hoods kicks your ass as well with a version of "Shakin' All Over". Yow! I love The Faros,this song appears on the wonderful Highs In The Mid-60's /Pebbles comps with "I'm Crying" (vintage 1966) also a cover by Eric Burden & The Animals. Speaking of more covers...The Hitchhikers do "One Too Many Mornings", terrific folk rock sounds here from 1967.
The Crucibles from Madison do a credible surfy-garage song called "Beware Of Birds"... and it appeared on Madtown Records. The Coachmen "Movin" doesn't quite fit,because it's an early 60's track,from 1962 and has the instrumental surf sounds, but I still like the total primitive sound to it! I'd rather hear that than a lame attempt at the Beatle's track "Hey Bulldog", another weak yet charming track is the version of "Hole In My Shoe". Where do you know that track from? It's Traffic that originally did it. Some things just should not be revisited.
Oh well, everyone wants to be a rock star,right?
Another highlight of this particular comp is my favorite The Statesmen with "Roo-Buh-Doo-Buh-Doo" a really silly,wonderful track,that's unforgettable,it moves right along and sounds like a take off of the fabulous Minneapolis band the Trashmen or possibly the Rivingtons type mumble jumble silliness that in fact makes a great pop song! Those are the ones that kids like!
Those are the ones that sell! Shoulda coulda been a hit! Well, it's a hit with me.
I doubt you will find anything more fun, than this music from Wisconsin! Enjoy!

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 9 Various Artists
01. The Marauders - I Can Tell (Coulee 110)
02. The Journeymen - You're A Better Man Than I (Tee Pee 57/58)
03. The Journeymen - Realities In Life (Tee Pee 57/58)
04. The Girls Take Over - High Heel Sneakers (Pentagon 2002)
05. Raylene & The Blue Angels - Shakin' All Over (Cuca 6633)
06. Robin & The Three Hoods - We The Living (Fan Jr. 5678)
07. Robin & The Three Hoods - A Day You'll Never Forget (Fan Jr. 5678)
08. The Glass Candle - Keep Right On Living (Target 1004)
09. The Faros - I'm Crying (Target 103/104)
10. The Faros - I'm Calling You Back (Target 103/104)
11. The Hitchhikers - One Too Many Mornings (Cuca 6741)
12. The Syndicate - Next 21st Of May (Tee Pee 45/46)
13. The Intruders - The World You Created(In Your Mind) (Claremont 665)
14. The Crucibles - Beware Of Birds (Madtown 401)
15. The Sandmen - You And I (Night Owl 6769)
16. The Primates - Girl Don't Tell Me (Leaf 667)
17. The Ricochettes - I Don't Want You (Destination 629)
18. The Love Society - Without You (Tee Pee 3878)
19. The Private Property - Jewelry Lady (Tee Pee 35/36)
20. The Private Property Of Digil - Sunshine Flames (Tee Pee 23/24)
21. The Coachmen - Movin' (Type 3580)
22. The Coachmen - Hey Bulldog (Target 1009)
23. The Unchained Mynds - Hole In My Shoe (Transaction 707)
24. The Unchained Mynds - Warm Smoke (Transaction 707)
25. The Statesmen - Roo-Buh-Doo-Buh-Doo (Raynard 014)

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 9

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8 Various Artists 1957-1967 Badger Rock

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8 features another 25 tracks of music you never heard before! So,you know,you have to come back here and at least give this a listen. This volume isn't as strong as the last but still contains some real gems! Some older rock numbers like "Say Mama" by The Rock-A-Fellers will charm you,yeah it's old fashioned rock 'n' roll but the guitar really swings! Aldon & The E.C's "Endsville" is a fine instrumental,they sound a little drunk and like they might be having fun! There's some oldies like ballads,and doo wop like sounds- Paul Stefen & The Apollos fit that sound,Chico Holiday has a strong voice,and has a fine R & B sound to it. So good it got picked up and released on RCA Records. And you could do the twist to it!
Jimmy Sun & The Radiants is a terrific rip off of the song "Muleskinner Blues",not a bad thing,just lovable and funny as hell. Al Jarreau sings the wonderful Motown sounding Room Boom. It's from 1965,on Raynard Records and most likely his first single ever. Wow! This surely proves that artists work many years before they are discovered,and there is no such thing as overnight success. The fabulous Harvey Scales is still working today, has a couple of soul/r & b songs on this compilation from 1964...thanks to Cuca Records who first recorded him and his band. He's still swinging and rocking,just look him up online! There's songs on You Tube and myspace! You're going to want to hear more!
The Triumphs rock out with "Susie In My Hist'ry Class". Rose DuBats "Signals From Saturn" is a funny little song about a love for a wavy haired martian...look I don't write this stuff,I just report on it...I don't know what Rose was on,but I love it...only in Wisconsin. The last song from 1962 is Badger By The Badgers with The Royal Lancers is like a high school /college varsity fight song but done with crazy David Seville vocals...also a must hear song. Only in Wisconsin! If this review doesn't get you to want to hear this music ,then I don't know what's wrong with you...

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8 Various Artists
01. The Rock-A-Fellers - Say Mama (Cuca 1039)
02. The T.J's - Farty Party (Lindy 740)
03. Aldon & The E.C's - Endsville (Gaity 174)
04. Vilas Craig - My Heart (Rif 2118) this could be wrong catalog number
05. Dick Buscher - I Wonder Why (Cuca 1077)
06. The Von Gayels - Lonliness (USA 1221)
07. Robby & The Teens - The Angel You Sent Me (Sunderland 1086)
08. Paul Stefen & The Apollos - City Angel Cry (Cite 5008)
09. Chico Holiday - I Believe,I Beleive (RCA V.47-7621)
10. The Rollettes Orchestra - Why Oh Why (Cinch 2024)
11. Jimmy Sun & The Radiants - Molly & The Tenbrooks (Cuca 1045)
12. Ray Allen & The Trendels - I Love You (And You Know I Really Mean It) (Cuca 6544)
13. Al Jarreau - Room-Boom (Raynard 10024)
14. Harvey & The Seven Sounds - Glamour Girl (Cuca 1155)
15. Harvey & The Seven Sounds - (On The Street Of)New York City (Cuca 1155)
16. Vilas Craig - Walking Down The Avenue (Fan Jr. 4729)
17. The Vigilantes - Ramblin' On (Cuca 1042)
18. Wendi - You're So Fine (Champ 12148)
19. Chuck Tyler - She's All Mine (Fenway 7004)
20. The Stage-Men - Fall Out (Cuca 6472)
21. Arbis Hanyel - Roadhouse Rock (Count 103)
22. El Ray & The Night Beats - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya (Revive 104)
23. The Triumphs - Susie In My Hist'ry Class (Iff 151)
24. Rose DuBats - Signals From Saturn (Raynard 1014)
25. The Badgers with The Royal Lancers - Badger (Cuca 1072)

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8

Wsiconsin Rocks Volume 7 Various Artists 1965-1968 Go Go Gorilla!

Wisconsin does rock on volume 7 in the mid 60's-a rich period of music and bands. This volume is quite possibly the best one in the series, I love the 60's sounds-the pop,garage sounds. Featured bands on this volume are from Milwaukee,La Crosse,Palmyra,Eau Claire,Madison, Brookfield, Stevens Point,Green Bay,Antigo, and even the wonderful Bryds (not the L.A. Byrds but pronounced "The Brides")who were from the Chicago area,yet recorded on the fabulous Wisconsin Raynard label. The song "Your Lies" is a rocking little garage song all 2 minutes and 24 seconds of bliss,covered by 80's indie garage bands: The Gravedigger 5,The Gruesomes,and The Brood...little known facts, that great garage music is loved by all.
Then the manic Benders with (You) Can't Tame Me is also a classic well known garage tune,complete with snarly vocals. Yes Wisconsin does rock! And there's much more: The Shag do a little known Bo Diddley inspired Dance Woman, The Shandells with the great R & B cover work out "Go-Go Gorilla" will totally make you scream! I can just see the teens dancing to this song!
Joey Gee makes another appearance on this volume with more well crafted pop garage with
You Know-'Til The End Of Time,not to be missed. The Intruders go mid tempo psychedelic with Bringin' Me Down a track from 1967. The Trodden Path pull out all of the folk garage psych sounds we all love with Don't Follow Me. It sounds a little like The Turtles happy 60's pop sound.
The Shaprels have a distinctly Beatles bend to their song A Fool For Your Lies. The Fax do a wonderful cover version of I Can Only Give You Everything,one of the best 60's cover songs for a band to attempt. This one stands up to the test of time. The Sixth Street Viaduct is a band name of a real street and bridge in Milwaukee,their song Kingdom Come is a fine garage song.
The Up Stairs with Operator Please is a nice garage pop call and response track,also quite catchy. Gord's Horde is a excellent classic garage song "I Don't Care". It's frantic,weird,has that cheesey keyboard we all love,and it's the typical 60's theme of girl-boy lost love. On the excellent Hodag Records label. Just type in a google search for the "Great Northern Wisconsin Hodag legend". It means nothing,really, it's a mysterious creature,but someone saw fit to make it into a large sculpture and a music label name. Wisconsin is weird and wonderful.
The Orbits do a cover of a much loved Zombies classic song. The London Fog with Mr. Baldi is another wonderful keyboard driven garage song of the highest our our finest songs from this state. It sticks to the roof of your head,and never let's go. Just give it a listen!
All in all this is really a strong compilation! I also love The Spacemen's Same Old Grind,which is a nice little garage stomper,employs uses the melody from another song,you might remember...
The Tiki's We're On The Move is a quick little pop garage number,you're gonna love this music!
Get it while you can... it's complete with scans. I'll be busy learning how to dance the Go-Go Gorilla...I suggest you give it a try!

01.The Shags - Dance Woman (Raynard 10034)
02.The Shandells - Go-Go Gorilla (Bangar 00659)
03. Joey Gee & The Come-Ons - You Know,'Til The End Of Time (Sara 6599)
04. The Fugitives - You're The Kind Of Girl (Trend 101)
05. The Fugitives - Come On & Clap! (Trend 101)
06. The Intruders - Bringin' Me Down (Claremont 556)
07. The Next Five - Talk To Me Girl (Wand 1170)
08. The Trodden Path - Don't Follow Me (Night Owl 6711)
09. The Ricochettes - Losing You (Quill 102)
10. The Ricochettes - I'll Be Back (Raynard 10030)
11. The Matadors - Girl Don't Leave Me (Feature 105)
12. The Shaprels - A Fool For Your Lies (Feature 103)
13. The Cannons - Day To Day (Night Owl 1312)
14. The Next Five - He Stole My Love (Destination 637)
15. The Exchequers - Is There Some Girl (Boom! 115)
16. The Orbits - Don't (Boss Sound 6744)
17. The Skunks - The Journey (USA 865)
18. The Love Society - You Know How I Feel(And Why) (Target 1006)
19. The Society - For Me (Feature 112)
20. Jack & The Beanstalks - Don't Bug Me (LeRon 3601)
21. The Fax - I Can Only Give You Everything (Trans-Action 701)
22. The Sixth Street Viaduct - Kingdom Come (PKC 1015)
23. The Up Stairs - Operator Please (Cuca 1309)
24. Gord's Horde - I Don't Care (Hodag 0540)
25. The Orbits - Make Me Feel Good (Big Sound 304)
26. The London Fog - Mr. Baldi (Coulee 118)
27. The Coves - You're All Through (Raynard 1058)
28. The Baroques - Rose Colored Glasses (Chess LP 1516)
29. The Spacemen - Same Old Grind (Big Sound 309)
30. The Tiki's - We're On The Move (Cuca 6641)
31. The Bryds - Your Lies (Raynard 10039)
32. The Benders - Can't Tame Me (Big Sound 306)

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 7

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6 1963-1969 The Invaders Are Coming!

This might be one of the best compilations,the strongest of Wisconsin's 60's music ever made,yet I know of some missing vital tracks here, I'm going to leave this "as it is". I won't add anything to this one, but might make a missing volume myself. This is essentially the coolest garage songs too. Some of these tracks appeared on other compilations like Highs In The Mid-60's the Pebbles series,and even some Back From The Grave compilations. I love this stuff! The one song that stands out for me is the amazing song Hard Life by the Why 4, garage fiends get ready! This is the coolest unknown garage songs on the planet. Completely uncomped ,and I never found this song on any garage compilation,so far and I've been collecting them since 1979-1980 when the very first Pebbles/Boulders were unleashed on the planet. This comp is a real treat!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6 Various Artists
01. The Converts - Don't Leave Me
02. Merrill's Marauders - The Marauder
03. The Wanderer's Rest - Anytime,Anywhere
04. Jack & The Beanstalks - So Many Times
05. The Zoo - Sometimes
06. The Invasion - Do You Like What You See
07. The Baroques - There's Nothing To Do But Cry
08. The Golden Catalinas - Varsity Club Song
09. The Why 4- Not Fade Away
10. The Why 4 - Hard Life
11. The Crucibles - You Know I Do
12. Joey Gee & The Come-Ons - She's Mean
13. The Moody Walkers - We Never Loved Before
14. The Young Savages - The Invaders Are Coming
15. Attilla & The Huns - The Lonely Huns
16. The Paegons - I Can Only Give You Everything
17. The Ricochettes - Find Another Boy(First Version)
18. The Ricochettes - Don't Waste Your Time
19. The Quarry Men - Don't Try Your Luck
20. Lord Beverly Moss & The Mossmen - Please Please,What's The Matter
21. The Deverons - On The Road Again
22. Kiriae Crucible - Salem Witch Trials
23. The Chevrons- Still In Love With You
24. The Limeys - Silly Little Girl
25. The Loyal Opposition - Telling Lies
26. The Young Savages - Welcome To My World
27. The Casuals - Come On(Pretty One)
28. The Wanderer's Rest - You'll Forget
29. The Matadors - You're A Better Man Than I
30. The Mustard Men - I Lost My Baby
31. The Nomads - You Come Around
The fabulous Joey Gee & The Come-Ons hailed from
Upper Michigan,and recorded their tracks in Wisconsin,
and you should visit Steve Seymour's excellent blog for
more about them(and some other Wisconsin bands-hey!)
Rock n Roll Graffiti blog. He goes into greater detail about the
bands,and I sometimes just prefer to unleash the music
and let the reader decide whether it's a thumbs up or down.
(You either dig it or you don't,right?)
The bands are from: Milwaukee,Janesville, Oshkosh, Appleton,
La Crosse,Racine, Sheboygan, Oshkosh, Beloit, Marinette, and a
couple of bands are from Rockford,IL, Dubuque Iowa, but the labels
(LeRon, Rampro, Sara,Continental, Target,Raynard, Dynamic Sound,
PKC, Coulee, Feature, Wright, Night Owl, Madtown)
they are on,are strictly Wisconsin!
Complete with scans,so you can keep track of the coolness.
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5 The Darnells- (She She)Little Sheila!

More of that rare Wisconsin music this volume features tracks from 1958-1967.
A lot of rare singles,and songs you'd never find anywhere else, for example The Wanted with the song Wanted is a demo,and again, all these singles were really never re-issed on any kind of CD or album. The bands are from Milwaukee,Racine,Superior, Stoughton, La Crosse, Janesville. And the record labels are original issues on: Cuca, Sara, Little Fort, Raynard, Chess,Leaf, Coulee, Robin and some other obscure as heck one off releases.
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5 Various Artists
01. The Emotionals - Miserlou
02. The Valients - Mutha
03. The Bel-Airs - (I'll Be)Forever Loving You
04. The Wanted - Wanted
05. The Darnells - (She She)Little Sheila
06. Johnny Waleen - Mystery Train
07. Sonny Williams - Lucky Linda
08. Skip & The Dukes - Angel
09. Paul Stefan & The Royal Lancers - Baby,I Don't Care
10. The Tempests - Bop-A-Shimmy
11. The Casuals - Come On(Pretty One)
12. The Von Gayels - Twirl
13. The Nocturnes - Cyclone
14. Little Sir Ryland - My Worried Lover
15. The Supremes Four - I Lost My Job(And I've Got to Find Another)
16. The Mule-Skinners - Galloping Paul Revere(The British Are Coming)
17. Al Jarreau - Shake Up
18. The Triumphs - Surfside Date
19. The Super-Phonics - Teen-Age Partner
20. Chuck Sargent & The Ambassadors - I'm Afraid You'll Put Me Down
21. The Rhythm Royals - Near To You
22. The Blue Echoes - Moonride
23. Dick & Roger - Greatest Girl
24. The Fabulous Mad Lads - Walkin' With My Angel
25. Outro - Outro (I kept this from the original disc I got)
26. Bobby Dean - Go Mr. Dillon
A lot of this music is rock and surf/instrumental styled. The terrific
Al Jarreau track is rhythm and blues and is a very catchy little number
from 1966. Most likely his very first single on Raynard Records.
Wow check it out! Moonride by The Blue Echoes is an excellent
surf/instrumental. And naturally The Triumphs is the wildest
song ever...The Nocturnes - Cyclone is yet another fine sax fueled
instrumental...Get it while you can!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5