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Wsiconsin Rocks Volume 7 Various Artists 1965-1968 Go Go Gorilla!

Wisconsin does rock on volume 7 in the mid 60's-a rich period of music and bands. This volume is quite possibly the best one in the series, I love the 60's sounds-the pop,garage sounds. Featured bands on this volume are from Milwaukee,La Crosse,Palmyra,Eau Claire,Madison, Brookfield, Stevens Point,Green Bay,Antigo, and even the wonderful Bryds (not the L.A. Byrds but pronounced "The Brides")who were from the Chicago area,yet recorded on the fabulous Wisconsin Raynard label. The song "Your Lies" is a rocking little garage song all 2 minutes and 24 seconds of bliss,covered by 80's indie garage bands: The Gravedigger 5,The Gruesomes,and The Brood...little known facts, that great garage music is loved by all.
Then the manic Benders with (You) Can't Tame Me is also a classic well known garage tune,complete with snarly vocals. Yes Wisconsin does rock! And there's much more: The Shag do a little known Bo Diddley inspired Dance Woman, The Shandells with the great R & B cover work out "Go-Go Gorilla" will totally make you scream! I can just see the teens dancing to this song!
Joey Gee makes another appearance on this volume with more well crafted pop garage with
You Know-'Til The End Of Time,not to be missed. The Intruders go mid tempo psychedelic with Bringin' Me Down a track from 1967. The Trodden Path pull out all of the folk garage psych sounds we all love with Don't Follow Me. It sounds a little like The Turtles happy 60's pop sound.
The Shaprels have a distinctly Beatles bend to their song A Fool For Your Lies. The Fax do a wonderful cover version of I Can Only Give You Everything,one of the best 60's cover songs for a band to attempt. This one stands up to the test of time. The Sixth Street Viaduct is a band name of a real street and bridge in Milwaukee,their song Kingdom Come is a fine garage song.
The Up Stairs with Operator Please is a nice garage pop call and response track,also quite catchy. Gord's Horde is a excellent classic garage song "I Don't Care". It's frantic,weird,has that cheesey keyboard we all love,and it's the typical 60's theme of girl-boy lost love. On the excellent Hodag Records label. Just type in a google search for the "Great Northern Wisconsin Hodag legend". It means nothing,really, it's a mysterious creature,but someone saw fit to make it into a large sculpture and a music label name. Wisconsin is weird and wonderful.
The Orbits do a cover of a much loved Zombies classic song. The London Fog with Mr. Baldi is another wonderful keyboard driven garage song of the highest our our finest songs from this state. It sticks to the roof of your head,and never let's go. Just give it a listen!
All in all this is really a strong compilation! I also love The Spacemen's Same Old Grind,which is a nice little garage stomper,employs uses the melody from another song,you might remember...
The Tiki's We're On The Move is a quick little pop garage number,you're gonna love this music!
Get it while you can... it's complete with scans. I'll be busy learning how to dance the Go-Go Gorilla...I suggest you give it a try!

01.The Shags - Dance Woman (Raynard 10034)
02.The Shandells - Go-Go Gorilla (Bangar 00659)
03. Joey Gee & The Come-Ons - You Know,'Til The End Of Time (Sara 6599)
04. The Fugitives - You're The Kind Of Girl (Trend 101)
05. The Fugitives - Come On & Clap! (Trend 101)
06. The Intruders - Bringin' Me Down (Claremont 556)
07. The Next Five - Talk To Me Girl (Wand 1170)
08. The Trodden Path - Don't Follow Me (Night Owl 6711)
09. The Ricochettes - Losing You (Quill 102)
10. The Ricochettes - I'll Be Back (Raynard 10030)
11. The Matadors - Girl Don't Leave Me (Feature 105)
12. The Shaprels - A Fool For Your Lies (Feature 103)
13. The Cannons - Day To Day (Night Owl 1312)
14. The Next Five - He Stole My Love (Destination 637)
15. The Exchequers - Is There Some Girl (Boom! 115)
16. The Orbits - Don't (Boss Sound 6744)
17. The Skunks - The Journey (USA 865)
18. The Love Society - You Know How I Feel(And Why) (Target 1006)
19. The Society - For Me (Feature 112)
20. Jack & The Beanstalks - Don't Bug Me (LeRon 3601)
21. The Fax - I Can Only Give You Everything (Trans-Action 701)
22. The Sixth Street Viaduct - Kingdom Come (PKC 1015)
23. The Up Stairs - Operator Please (Cuca 1309)
24. Gord's Horde - I Don't Care (Hodag 0540)
25. The Orbits - Make Me Feel Good (Big Sound 304)
26. The London Fog - Mr. Baldi (Coulee 118)
27. The Coves - You're All Through (Raynard 1058)
28. The Baroques - Rose Colored Glasses (Chess LP 1516)
29. The Spacemen - Same Old Grind (Big Sound 309)
30. The Tiki's - We're On The Move (Cuca 6641)
31. The Bryds - Your Lies (Raynard 10039)
32. The Benders - Can't Tame Me (Big Sound 306)

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 7

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