Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6 1963-1969 The Invaders Are Coming!

This might be one of the best compilations,the strongest of Wisconsin's 60's music ever made,yet I know of some missing vital tracks here, I'm going to leave this "as it is". I won't add anything to this one, but might make a missing volume myself. This is essentially the coolest garage songs too. Some of these tracks appeared on other compilations like Highs In The Mid-60's the Pebbles series,and even some Back From The Grave compilations. I love this stuff! The one song that stands out for me is the amazing song Hard Life by the Why 4, garage fiends get ready! This is the coolest unknown garage songs on the planet. Completely uncomped ,and I never found this song on any garage compilation,so far and I've been collecting them since 1979-1980 when the very first Pebbles/Boulders were unleashed on the planet. This comp is a real treat!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6 Various Artists
01. The Converts - Don't Leave Me
02. Merrill's Marauders - The Marauder
03. The Wanderer's Rest - Anytime,Anywhere
04. Jack & The Beanstalks - So Many Times
05. The Zoo - Sometimes
06. The Invasion - Do You Like What You See
07. The Baroques - There's Nothing To Do But Cry
08. The Golden Catalinas - Varsity Club Song
09. The Why 4- Not Fade Away
10. The Why 4 - Hard Life
11. The Crucibles - You Know I Do
12. Joey Gee & The Come-Ons - She's Mean
13. The Moody Walkers - We Never Loved Before
14. The Young Savages - The Invaders Are Coming
15. Attilla & The Huns - The Lonely Huns
16. The Paegons - I Can Only Give You Everything
17. The Ricochettes - Find Another Boy(First Version)
18. The Ricochettes - Don't Waste Your Time
19. The Quarry Men - Don't Try Your Luck
20. Lord Beverly Moss & The Mossmen - Please Please,What's The Matter
21. The Deverons - On The Road Again
22. Kiriae Crucible - Salem Witch Trials
23. The Chevrons- Still In Love With You
24. The Limeys - Silly Little Girl
25. The Loyal Opposition - Telling Lies
26. The Young Savages - Welcome To My World
27. The Casuals - Come On(Pretty One)
28. The Wanderer's Rest - You'll Forget
29. The Matadors - You're A Better Man Than I
30. The Mustard Men - I Lost My Baby
31. The Nomads - You Come Around
The fabulous Joey Gee & The Come-Ons hailed from
Upper Michigan,and recorded their tracks in Wisconsin,
and you should visit Steve Seymour's excellent blog for
more about them(and some other Wisconsin bands-hey!)
Rock n Roll Graffiti blog. He goes into greater detail about the
bands,and I sometimes just prefer to unleash the music
and let the reader decide whether it's a thumbs up or down.
(You either dig it or you don't,right?)
The bands are from: Milwaukee,Janesville, Oshkosh, Appleton,
La Crosse,Racine, Sheboygan, Oshkosh, Beloit, Marinette, and a
couple of bands are from Rockford,IL, Dubuque Iowa, but the labels
(LeRon, Rampro, Sara,Continental, Target,Raynard, Dynamic Sound,
PKC, Coulee, Feature, Wright, Night Owl, Madtown)
they are on,are strictly Wisconsin!
Complete with scans,so you can keep track of the coolness.
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 6


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this series - real quality compilations.

Max said...

Thanks for posting this series. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for another load of WI-gems... just one question: Doo-Whop-Biography ( states the Chevrons were from Washington Heights, New York, and you'll find: 1962 - "Please don't make me cry" / "Still in love with you" (Sara 6462) (same #). So who's right? (The record doesn't sound like 1962 to me...)

cheers from Milano

PS: I'm waiting for the "Missing Ones"-sequel...

Anonymous said...

A lot good songs on your comp that I haven't heard before. The Matadors,Paegons and Ricochettes just too name few. Thanks for your time and effort putting this together and sharing your music. You made my day, thank you.
P.S. The others 5 comps are good as well, I didn't want to forget too tell you that. I love that garage / British invasion sound.

stephanie rocks said...

Milano dude: I didn't make the comps,but there's got to be a band or two called the Chevrons in just about every state,back in the 60's.
Are you sure? That was a common name,I'm just saying.
I'll still check out your link and doo wop thing.Thanks for caring.

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic comp, thanks much! Any chance of another with focus on the 70's? Lot's of great Wisconsin 45's from that era.

stephanie rocks said...

Anonymous: well we have to start from the 50's and move onwards,there's more comps,but they are still 60's,then we swerve into the 70's as I go on, until about 1982 or so,not much later than's stays 50's-70's very early 80's. Be patient!

hotrodmike said...

These have been great.Lots of bands I never heard of before and nice variety too. Thanks a lot for the awesome shares.

michael vee said...

Hi my friend,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve put some of the tracks kindly posted by you on my latest installment of my '60s (mostly) uncomped'-series (with info, pics & links to the Bloggers in the booklet attached); you’ll find it at Thanks a lot for posting and I hope you’ll enjoy my selection.

Cheers from Milano!

stephanie rocks said...

Hi Michael Vee!
Love your blog -it's amazing music! thanks for the links!
As always love the Japanese/Asian music,along with your other comps of Australian garage,USA Garage (mostly uncomped)is also some of the best music unheard and heard!

Thanks Hotrodmike too! I love to educate people on music they never heard of before.
That's why most bloggers are doing this to begin with!


Anonymous said...

Hey, great series of Wisconsin Rocks. Appreciate your effort and the sharing of your collection--great stuff!

Anonymous said...

these compilations are becoming the soundtrack of my summer! I love this stuff...looking forward to hearing more!
Thanks for doing what you're doing.

Cheers from Neenah WI,

Anonymous said...


It makes me feel good that everyone seems to like the WISCONSIN ROCKS! series. Since I put them together.
The tracks come from my collection and some of my friends collections.
currently there are
35 volumes of WISCONSIN ROCKS! out on CD plus 3 volumes of WISCONSIN GROOVES R & B from Wisconsin.
Plus collections from, The Robbs, Skunks, Legends, Thee Prophets, Harvey Scales and some others.
Littlegenius CDs

stephanie rocks said...

I'd sure like to hear the Wisconsin Grooves series,the
R & B.I suppose it's got a lot more Harvey Scales? Does it have any Earl Hooker? Birdlegs and Pauline?
I hope so. Good stuff.Even Cuca Records founder Jim Kirchstein has a set of these from me,and loves them.(I thought he would be weird about it,but he didn't seem to be)
We are set to meet again and talk about music and I can't wait to see him again....he's so cool!

I'm trying to get him to re-issue more of this stuff from his master tapes,which I was lucky to see,and I really hope he considers doing something more with this music,so we can all hear it finally!

I just think it shouldn't be hoarded,it should be heard and played/enjoyed/whatever. There's so much cool music here,I want people to know about it.


stephanie rocks said...

I gotta post some Earl Hooker!
God,he's so great! I also want people to know please check out youtube and type in Earl Hooker,and you will freak!
He recorded at Cuca Records in the early 60's,and I was lucky to read a book about him from Jim Kirchstein,lent it to me,and he's also an amazing blues guitarist that's not enough people seem to know I will post some of that soon! He only recorded here,he wasn't born here,but still,he was well loved here,in this area,and played many Milwaukee/Chicago blues clubs.


Gerard said...

Thanks from Holland.

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GaragePunk66 said...

Can anybody confirm if the Paegans had in it's ranks future members of Cheap Trick? Seems to me Rick Nielsen and Tom Peterson were in the Paegans.