Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5 The Darnells- (She She)Little Sheila!

More of that rare Wisconsin music this volume features tracks from 1958-1967.
A lot of rare singles,and songs you'd never find anywhere else, for example The Wanted with the song Wanted is a demo,and again, all these singles were really never re-issed on any kind of CD or album. The bands are from Milwaukee,Racine,Superior, Stoughton, La Crosse, Janesville. And the record labels are original issues on: Cuca, Sara, Little Fort, Raynard, Chess,Leaf, Coulee, Robin and some other obscure as heck one off releases.
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5 Various Artists
01. The Emotionals - Miserlou
02. The Valients - Mutha
03. The Bel-Airs - (I'll Be)Forever Loving You
04. The Wanted - Wanted
05. The Darnells - (She She)Little Sheila
06. Johnny Waleen - Mystery Train
07. Sonny Williams - Lucky Linda
08. Skip & The Dukes - Angel
09. Paul Stefan & The Royal Lancers - Baby,I Don't Care
10. The Tempests - Bop-A-Shimmy
11. The Casuals - Come On(Pretty One)
12. The Von Gayels - Twirl
13. The Nocturnes - Cyclone
14. Little Sir Ryland - My Worried Lover
15. The Supremes Four - I Lost My Job(And I've Got to Find Another)
16. The Mule-Skinners - Galloping Paul Revere(The British Are Coming)
17. Al Jarreau - Shake Up
18. The Triumphs - Surfside Date
19. The Super-Phonics - Teen-Age Partner
20. Chuck Sargent & The Ambassadors - I'm Afraid You'll Put Me Down
21. The Rhythm Royals - Near To You
22. The Blue Echoes - Moonride
23. Dick & Roger - Greatest Girl
24. The Fabulous Mad Lads - Walkin' With My Angel
25. Outro - Outro (I kept this from the original disc I got)
26. Bobby Dean - Go Mr. Dillon
A lot of this music is rock and surf/instrumental styled. The terrific
Al Jarreau track is rhythm and blues and is a very catchy little number
from 1966. Most likely his very first single on Raynard Records.
Wow check it out! Moonride by The Blue Echoes is an excellent
surf/instrumental. And naturally The Triumphs is the wildest
song ever...The Nocturnes - Cyclone is yet another fine sax fueled
instrumental...Get it while you can!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 5

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