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Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8 Various Artists 1957-1967 Badger Rock

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8 features another 25 tracks of music you never heard before! So,you know,you have to come back here and at least give this a listen. This volume isn't as strong as the last but still contains some real gems! Some older rock numbers like "Say Mama" by The Rock-A-Fellers will charm you,yeah it's old fashioned rock 'n' roll but the guitar really swings! Aldon & The E.C's "Endsville" is a fine instrumental,they sound a little drunk and like they might be having fun! There's some oldies like ballads,and doo wop like sounds- Paul Stefen & The Apollos fit that sound,Chico Holiday has a strong voice,and has a fine R & B sound to it. So good it got picked up and released on RCA Records. And you could do the twist to it!
Jimmy Sun & The Radiants is a terrific rip off of the song "Muleskinner Blues",not a bad thing,just lovable and funny as hell. Al Jarreau sings the wonderful Motown sounding Room Boom. It's from 1965,on Raynard Records and most likely his first single ever. Wow! This surely proves that artists work many years before they are discovered,and there is no such thing as overnight success. The fabulous Harvey Scales is still working today, has a couple of soul/r & b songs on this compilation from 1964...thanks to Cuca Records who first recorded him and his band. He's still swinging and rocking,just look him up online! There's songs on You Tube and myspace! You're going to want to hear more!
The Triumphs rock out with "Susie In My Hist'ry Class". Rose DuBats "Signals From Saturn" is a funny little song about a love for a wavy haired martian...look I don't write this stuff,I just report on it...I don't know what Rose was on,but I love it...only in Wisconsin. The last song from 1962 is Badger By The Badgers with The Royal Lancers is like a high school /college varsity fight song but done with crazy David Seville vocals...also a must hear song. Only in Wisconsin! If this review doesn't get you to want to hear this music ,then I don't know what's wrong with you...

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8 Various Artists
01. The Rock-A-Fellers - Say Mama (Cuca 1039)
02. The T.J's - Farty Party (Lindy 740)
03. Aldon & The E.C's - Endsville (Gaity 174)
04. Vilas Craig - My Heart (Rif 2118) this could be wrong catalog number
05. Dick Buscher - I Wonder Why (Cuca 1077)
06. The Von Gayels - Lonliness (USA 1221)
07. Robby & The Teens - The Angel You Sent Me (Sunderland 1086)
08. Paul Stefen & The Apollos - City Angel Cry (Cite 5008)
09. Chico Holiday - I Believe,I Beleive (RCA V.47-7621)
10. The Rollettes Orchestra - Why Oh Why (Cinch 2024)
11. Jimmy Sun & The Radiants - Molly & The Tenbrooks (Cuca 1045)
12. Ray Allen & The Trendels - I Love You (And You Know I Really Mean It) (Cuca 6544)
13. Al Jarreau - Room-Boom (Raynard 10024)
14. Harvey & The Seven Sounds - Glamour Girl (Cuca 1155)
15. Harvey & The Seven Sounds - (On The Street Of)New York City (Cuca 1155)
16. Vilas Craig - Walking Down The Avenue (Fan Jr. 4729)
17. The Vigilantes - Ramblin' On (Cuca 1042)
18. Wendi - You're So Fine (Champ 12148)
19. Chuck Tyler - She's All Mine (Fenway 7004)
20. The Stage-Men - Fall Out (Cuca 6472)
21. Arbis Hanyel - Roadhouse Rock (Count 103)
22. El Ray & The Night Beats - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya (Revive 104)
23. The Triumphs - Susie In My Hist'ry Class (Iff 151)
24. Rose DuBats - Signals From Saturn (Raynard 1014)
25. The Badgers with The Royal Lancers - Badger (Cuca 1072)

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 8

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