Sunday, July 12, 2009

Milwaukee Early Punk Singles-The Haskels,Die Kreuzen & The Lubricants

I've got 3 cool singles here, which are pretty rare early Milwaukee
punk rock legends...Die Kreuzen with The Cows and Beer EP,
The Haskels 4 song 7 inch extended play from the early 80's which
features the songs: Taking The City By Storm, Body Language,
Daddy's Girl & Baby Let's French. Also for your listening pleasure,
The Lubricants 1980 2 song 7 inch single Activated Energy and
Trans Formation Vacation. Culled from the depths of my rock
and punk vaults,just waiting to assault the public.I hope you enjoy it!
Milwaukee Early Punk Singles


Unknown said...

Hi. I can remember seeing The Stellas before they were Die Kreuzen.
Then seeing the more polished Die Kreuzen both at The Starship. They were a formidable band. Also saw them at Nico's, a short-lived punk bar. I had a great time in those days, lucky enough to catch The Dead Kennedys, D.O.A. and MDC at Top of the Hills. Saw The Circle Jerks and Black Flag (before Rollins) at the Starship. Also X and the Amadots at the Palms.
What about Sacred Order? They were great. This was when having short hair and wearing straight-leg jeans was "weird" to most other kids. Aaah memories. Well, now I'm an old fart who still loves music in general including punk.
See ya.

Lon Kaczmarek

stephanie rocks said...

ah...memories...I saw many of those bands!
I went to almost every show at The Underground,Papagios, The Odd Rock/Cafe Voltaire,
How about the Crystal Ballroom??? Eagles club always had great shows at a certain point...which was also fun when they hosted the record shows!
The Starship and The Palms were excellent venues too. I saw some shows there,but I was just starting to see bands there,when I started college,so at the time,that was the best time to be young! There was also another short lived club scene: remember
The C Club? or how about Irene J's(on that dead end street) There were a lot of places that came and went. I miss Century Hall and so many other places.
Even O'Cayz in Madison was a righteous rock/punk club! ah...the memories!