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Highs In The Mid-60's Volume 15 Wisconsin Part 2

Highs In The Mid-60's Volume 15 Wisconsin Part Two has fifteen
more tracks of Wonderful Wisconsin sounds.. This particular
volume came out in the mid 1980's, and was part of a series
of twenty-eight volumes of music from the early to mid sixties.
Some of the other volumes concentrate on other states, for example:
there's three volumes for California (the largest music concentration,
they also had more radio stations dedicated to music)
a couple for Michigan, one volume for Colorado,
2 or 3 volumes for the Northwest (a real hotbed of music)
there's one focusing on Illinois bands, but surprisingly two for
Wisconsin (Go Wisconsin bands!). And this is like many of
the other volumes, it's focuses on the lesser known bands
that put out singles on small labels. Featured here are The Baroques
with "Nothing Left To Do But Cry",The Shaprels "A Fool For Your Lies"
are friendly easy to like pop music, then you get to
Gord's Horde with a song called "I Don't Care" and
all hell breaks loose. A frenzy of keyboards and drums, recorded
somewhere in outer space, I believe. A song about a cheating girl,
and basically he sulks and doesn't care what she does.
The main theme of most teen/garage angst rock and roll songs.
The Challengers are my favorite,perhaps it's the strange backwards
sounding recording sound of "The Challengers Take A Ride On
The Jefferson Airplane" the actual title is an ode to the
San Francisco band,and is a playful slice of psychedelia.
And I always say, guys, please,more cowbell.
The Family with "I Wanna Do It" is a dirty little song, filled
with innuendos,repeating "I wanna do it with you", "I wanna do
it to you" easily the most basic,simple and unfortunately also a
forgettable track.
The Cannons with "Days Go By" attempt to harmonize with a
pop song that's somewhat forgettable. It does not stick to
you as soon as it's over with. But that's okay.
The Wanderer's Rest go full bore with the folk rock song
"You'll Forget",which has a fabulous Stonesy feel of
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction guitar hook in it. Fits right in
1965,right at the top of the heap with other folk rockers The Turtles.
The Mustard Men who are also a favorite of
mine with "I Lost My Baby", do a song with an R & B feel, and
terrific call and response towards the end. They must have been
the real deal live.They have a British Invasion Animals sound.
The Impalas, do a fabulous snarling punk blues rock version
of "Spoonful". Just listen to the vocals, these guys mean it!
Yes there's talent in Wisconsin, in the 1960's and these bands
prove it. Some of the music is primitive,but these are mostly teens
making music,by themselves.They recorded it, and pressed these
records, with little or no help from anyone giving them professional
direction. Maybe that's why I like this, it's raw talent, and playing.
The Spacemen with "Same Old Grind" is a direct copy of
"I'm A Man", but you can't complain, since that's a great song to cover.
It fits right there in garage rock heaven like the songs "Louie Louie"
and "Gloria". Who can resist the simplicity and stomp value?
I can't. The rest of the album is nothing really earth shaking or new.
The Mid-Knighters perhaps are the odd ones,doing a sort of
oldy moldie styled "Charlena", it has a rockabilly and country feel.
The band The Rehabilitation Cruise,has quite possibly the strangest
name,and I'm still not sure what they are singing about in "Mini Skirts".
I can't tell whether they like mini skirts or not. I keep listening to
it and wearing a groove into it, but still...I don't get it.
It will perhaps, remain the biggest mystery known to mankind.
The Fugitives "Come On And Clap" sounds like a merging of several
classic songs, with maybe a little bit of a Little Honda /Beach Boys
crescendo. What could be better? It blends the cars,girls,California,
the sunshine happy clap along theme. Only it's in Wisconsin.
Sample this wonderful album below for your own bad self.
And stay tuned for more Wisconsin music. Wait until I drag out
all of the polka records, I know you're excited.
Highs Volume 15

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awesome as ever, Stephanie. i don't have this one, i have volume 1.