Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Oil Tasters-Self Titled Album 1982 -Get Out Of The Bathroom!

This is the beginning of a new blog,which we wanted to feature mostly Wisconsin bands. And bands from the area around Wisconsin.
Some you might remember, and some you might not know anything about, if we present the music, pure and simple, that might make you want to hear it, and enjoy it.
The Oil Tasters weren't a punk band,just a different group of 3 guys (Richard LaValliere, Caleb Alexander, and Guy Hoffmann )who made music unlike
anything else, so it got tossed into "punk music".
True- they did have an unsual sound-drums, sax and a bass guitar only? Yeah, why not? The music is herky jerky and jazz-like, and angular, so "they" called it post punk rock. I don't know who they are-let's just say the critics.
At the time this album came out, in 1982 anything odd was classified in punk music. But then, there was always a built in small group of people, that came to love this band,and support them,wherever they played any shows. Unfortunately there wasn't enough local support, and clubs to play and make a living out of this, and each member grew and morphed into other projects. But in the early 1980's they were pretty much the "house band" at The Starship. The Starship was the best place to play, and get seen, and sell your music at that time. It was always The Oil Tasters,supported by 1 or 2 or even 3 other bands who opened up for them . Lucky Milwaukeans were able to hear this self titled album and singles by The Oil Tasters on WSOE soon to be WMSE 91.7 FM radio,which was the only college radio station, and it the THEE PLACE to hear when and where the next Oil Tasters show was going to happen.
The Oil Tasters bounced from Chicago to Milwaukee,to Madison for years, and quickly gained a serious fan following. First they released their singles in 1980,and 1981 and even got noticed by Bruce Pavitt who made home made cassette compilations called Sub Pop. The album featured here, is the culmination of their singles, and their one and only album which was
released on Thermidor Records out of Berkeley,California in 1982.
They are truly one of the most unique and wonderful bands to ever come from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and we only wish they'd reform, for a show again, and remind us how great they were,and still are.

I'm still new at posting on blogger, so please be patient ! Here's the real live music link below which will no doubt change your life, once you hear it. Thanks for coming to visit, and you are always encouraged to write comments, and share your stories of
Wisconsin music. And if you don't like this blog, then start your own damn blog.


Don Pedro El Tiki Cazador said...

As a true Madison native now living in Denver it is nice to see this blog! You must add Knuckel Drager to this blog. And Inspector 12 if you can find any.

stephanie rocks said...

Hi -Great to see a neighbor posting here already! Yes,I have 2 wonderful Knuckel Drager releases to post,and I don't have any Inspector 12.Very hard to find anything on them,when it came out.
Maybe the band released more things in Madison and it didn't filter out to Milwaukee,enough?
But here's one thing;I encourage more bands to send me links to their music or a copy of their CD's or albums. You can also give me links to their my space pages too. Anything to help complete this. I'll even do an rapidshare/google search of Inspector 12,and see what I can find. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great work Stephanie! Wisconsin has an incredible rock & roll history, so many outstanding bands. Let's hope you get contacted by some folks who have unreleased recordings from the 50s/60s ... I'm sure there is plenty out there!

-Pete M

Unknown said...

The Oil Tasters are Amazing! Thank you for posting this. I never would have heard them otherwise. I just found your blog referenced on The Twilight Zone. I'm glad I decided to check it out. Keep up the good work.

Bedazzler said...

I have a bunch of Wisconsin stuff I can send your way. Let me know the best way to get it to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting some great music. As a visitor to the Starship or "Starcreep" as we referred to it with Kenny holding court behind the bar, your post is much appreciated. Remember many nights with the X-Cleavers, Stupid Frogs, etc. Music is and will always be alive in Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

Great Post. As a frequent visitor to the Starship or "Starcreep" cockroaches and all, it was a pleasure to see the posters and mention of some of the favorite bands. Frequent trips to see the X-Cleavers, Stupid Frogs, et. al. are some of my fondest memories of the Milwaukee music scene. Thanks!

stephanie rocks said...

I liked the Starship a lot.It was thee place to see all of the bands with their own material.A lot of bands were just beginning to do some very creative things, and that place was just about the best place to see them play. I don't know if you know about this but pick up a CD called:
History In 3 Chords: Milwaukee Alternative Bands 1973-1982.This set pretty much sums up the Starship era. But alas,there were many bands,and some did not make it to this comp,and maybe someday their records will be on this site. I always liked The Lubricants,The Shivvers,and the Prosecutors too. Muscle Beach was also a wacky ass band I saw at The Starship,and they were great.
I'm going to guess this was about 1979,and they sounded like Devo/Cheap Trick and they had a sense of humor!

JohnnyHank said...

Guy Hoffman took over on drums for the Violent Femmes when Victor Delorenzo left the band, correct? Cool to hear some of his earlier work.

Just discovered your blog, but I'm very excited to see what else turns up here. Grew up in Racine and now live in Madison, so both of the big music markets are of great interest to me.

jonder said...

Great flyers and pictures! "History in Three Chords" was a great comp. Do you have the AMA-Dots single? I have a few photos of them that I'd be glad to share...

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks neighbor--needed the Oil Tasters! I'm from Minnesota. I post at downunderground blog and you are welcome to any Wisconsin greats there like Die Kreuzen and Crusties (Milwaukee), Mecht Mensch (Madison), Depo Provera (from Green Bay and have a CHiP's tune dedicated to Erik Estrada...ha ha but it is missing a cover). Is Butch Vig's first band Spooner or Scott Welk and the Walls from Wisconsin 'cus I posted them too:>}