Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Couch Flambeau- Self Titled - Les Paul!

Couch Flambeau have been around since the early early 1980's, and continue to play shows around the Milwaukee area. Unusual for a band to even stay together this long, but then again, Couch Flambeau aren't you're usual band! They are a strange blend of punk pop metal rock with a sense of humor that maybe only Milwaukeens might understand.
Then again, some of their music and jokes tend to be very Spinal Tap. The recording,and playing is top notch, and they have three full length albums to date. They started out as The Couch Potatoes, and quickly changed that to the now Couch Flambeau-don't ask me what it means, but at least you will remember them, right?
I have their earliest cassette release Curiosity Rocks,which was recorded in 6 hours, and even then showed wild creativity.
They're fun and catchy and hard NOT to like!
They opened up for all of the cool Midwestern bands who blew through the area:
The Violent Femmes, Big Black,The Damned,The Butthole Surfers,The Replacements, and played many local gigs, with just about every other local band. They played every club in Milwaukee, that came along
(Cafe Voltaire,soon to be The Odd Rock Cafe or simply The Odd Rock ,The Underground,and many others) and were also well played on WMSE 91.7 FM the city's only college radio station that matters. They developed a fairly large cult following, and still really are a fun band to see, as they drag out most of their material at each show. (most songs are 2-3-4 minute compact little blasts). Always entertaining, never sucking! That could be their t-shirt logo along with a cool customed Hot Wheels car.
Look for their other releases: Mammal Insect Marriage (1983), The Day The Music Died (1985),and severals singles and EP's like "We're Not So Smart"/"Mississippi Queen"(yes -that old Mountain song from 1970! )(1986), and the brilliant Models EP (1987), and oh, don't forget Ghostride(1989).
All are highly prized,and worth finding! So get to it!
Here's a sample of what you've been missing. You're gonna like it- I'm sure!

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If possible? Could you please post Mississippi Queen? Thanks for the downloads!