Friday, November 14, 2008

WRIT Milwaukee Radio Charts From The Golden Age Of Radio

Click on radio charts to see them larger! Check out the competition in 1964 and 1966!


Timmy said...

These are GREAT! Thank you... Got any other radio station surveys?

philo said...

Thanks always love that stuff


Anonymous said...

I think that you have not consulted if you can put a link on another blog here and give you the opportunity of Ortho blog owner to decide whether or not ..


stephanie rocks said...

George and anonymous:
Who are you?
I don't have to consult anyone when the things I put into my blog are from me,and not from any other site. The charts on here I collected. So I don't have to ask any permission to use my own things. If you don't like it,don't come here. A lot of people post things on their blogs that are their own things,and I'm not taking a scan of anyone else's charts from any other site.
These are in my collection.I have charts from a ton of radio stations,not all from Wisconsin,but from Chicago,New York and L.A.,all over. I collected them,when I was a kid,and bought some via online auctions. Who's Ortho Blog owners anyways?
And what gives you the right to think that my stuff is from another site? Man,that's pretty ballsy of you to think that.