Thursday, December 4, 2008

Knuckel Drager - Slam Bang Showdown! & 13 Diabolic Hits - Madison Wisconsin Crazies!

Knuckel Drager is a fire breathing garage surf band from Madison Wisconsin.
I think there's 6 members in this band. I've tried to do a mask count, and I think
I counted 6 of them running around. Little else is known about them, they wear
scary masks, and play a brand of music that could be compared to newer
garage punk bands like The Mummies,The Bomboras and The Lords Of Altamont.
Those wild tear 'em up bands!
They're crazy onstage,and use a traditional garage band instrument -a keyboard,
but their keyboard breathes fire! I caught them at a few shows, and was pleasantly
surprised how truly fun and crazy they are. If I were you, I wouldn't miss one of
their shows,ever! It's exciting,and fun, and there's always a feeling of anything
could happen. And that's always fun for me, as an audience member.
Their music is wild, and usually instrumental, short bursts of speed garage surf.
And they even graced the stages of Gearfest 2001 in Austin Texas.
They're getting around, and I think it's great to have a band like this who really
put on a wild stage show and put so much into their shows, you'd be a fool not to
check them out, and I'd expect them to be snapped up by a small independent
label or just be sure-they're going to be putting out their own product like
these two fine releases here. They have a myspace page, at : and I would expect you to write them,
and check out their shows,(I'm certain they have a list of shows and dates posted)
and support them whenever possible by buying their stickers,albums,t-shirts,
and naturally their shrunken head necklaces.
I've got one hanging in my car right now, right around my rear view mirror.
And whenever I gaze at that green skull hanging there,I think of them.
I think I'm in love. Links are in the comments section.


stephanie rocks said...

Way cool music right here:

You might have to copy and paste the entire link into a word pad type page,then proceed.

stephanie rocks

Trustar said...

She does ROCK!


Brandonio! said...

Hey girl I couldn't agree with you more.This band kicks some major ass.I seen them back in 2002 at the Melody Inn,and was totally blown away.I wish they would release more albums though.It's been something like 5 years since their last record,yet they do continue to do short tours from time to time.Besides that I love your blog darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Cool Blog !! I'm an ex-Cheesehead. I saw Knuckeldrager open for Davie Allen waay back (bought their VHS concert video)-they were a lot of fun