Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rock From The Mid-West-The Cuca Records Story Volume 1- I'm Movin' On!

Yeah, I'm still here.I'm just busy,and doing other things besides blogging,and well, this is all self produced,and I don't get anything for it. It's also a matter of finding more interesting music, and finding a clean copy on vinyl,and the whole nine yards of making it into a digital copy,blah,blah blah, and then posting it here. When you're doing 5 other things, it's natural to just post things slowly. And you should savor the flavor of each album I post anyways. It's not quantity it's quality my dear.
This album is courtesy of the fabulous Collector Records out of Holland and they did 3 volumes of this (that I found so far) and this is volume 1.It features mostly all rockabilly and instrumentals from the mid to late 1950's. Don't let the sad cover fool you, the inside features some nice primitive early rock instrumentals from The Rock-A-Fellers,Willie Tremain's Thunderbirds, and The Montereys. One track that stands out is "I'm Moving On" By Dick Hiorns with Jimmy Sun & The Radiants, it just chugs along like a rockabilly rocking train, and leaves me wanting more. Unfortunatly, a lot of these bands were only able to make a single or two, and then sadly, move on to either another band or give it up entirely, as the life of a musician is always precarious. Maybe they move on literally, get married, go to college or just work a straight normal job, but they left their marks here on this little record. I will be posting all 3 volumes so, please give them a listen. It's not musical history altering here, just damn good rock and roll from Wisconsin. Link in comments, cheese is welcome.


stephanie rocks said...

Rock From The Mid-West-The Cuca Records Story Volume 1 vinyl to digital here:

make sure you grab the whole long ass file,and I don't think you need the last .html at all,but I will check this,to make sure.

stephanie rocks said...

This link works fine! Copy and paste you guys!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing..Its too good..Rock It.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Stephanie,
Thanks for these postings.
You wrote that you "will be posting all 3 volumes". So far, I found volumes 1 and 2. Did I miss volume 3?


stephanie rocks said... volume 3? I must have forgotten that one,it certainly wasn't purposely done. I would never try to keep things to myself like that,I will search the archives and see what happened.
I had trouble with my site,and some posts,but I'll be back soon.
I have a lot of things to post,I'm just so busy. Sorry friends and fans...