Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rock From The Mid-West- The Cuca Records Story Volume 2 -The Zakons "Wasted" !

Oh this, is the best volume so far because it features the Zakons two wonderful instrumentals "Wasted!" and "Trackin' ", The Orbits doing "Orbit Rock", and a terrific rockabilly tune from Bob Mattice & The Phaetons doing "What's All This". Which features a neato-keen-poke-fun commentary on a lot of the popular songs of the day, and naturally makes fun of each and every one of them, saying "What's All This?". It's dated and well, songs like that have a short shelf life, and now mostly point out exactly when the song was recorded. It's clever, and worth hearing. Again,nothing really revolutionary about this music, other than, it's rare,obscure rockers from Wisconsin. The Zakons really could have challenged Link Wray in a duel guitar fight, but I think ol Link would have whipped them, and shown them a thing or two.But they do some nice Rumble like chords. I don't know whatever happened to The Zakons, and maybe with more research they ended up in another band. We'll see, but these guys are so hard to find in these bands. I was kind of hoping some of them are still around, so we could get them to write about their lives and leave more on this site too. That's what this is all about. So write me,leave a comment! Link in the comments as usual. Maybe Collector Records will re-issue more things like this in the future with an updated band information booklet. We can only hope Cees Klop from White Label /Collector Records comes to our musical rescue!


stephanie rocks said...

Volume 2 here:

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Brandonio! said...

Stephanie as usual you have great taste girl.I too loved the Zakons.