Thursday, September 24, 2009

Couch Potatoes - Curiosity Rocks Cassette 1982

Couch Potatoes became Couch Flambeau.
And they're from Milwaukee, and
still do an occasional show here
and there. They're wildly entertaining,
and funny. The songs are catchy,clever
and the guitar playing usually borders
on punk rock meets Eddie Van Halen.
Jay will like that one. Well, he can
play! Yeah this is weird,me posting a
cassette,but that how this originally
came out, and this is from 1982.
And that's how a lot of local bands just starting
out put out their first releases in the 1980's.
They are
one of a kind,and this cassette is warts and all, so don't
expect perfection.

The first track has obvious tape issues,but then the
noise goes away,pretty quick.(I must have played this
thing 100 times back in the day)
The rest of the tape
sounds fine.
I was just warning you, dear listener.
It was recorded a long time ago, 27 years to be exact,
so deal with it. I think they've got "something", and I don't
a disease or anything like that, I think they're talented,
and original.
I posted some other things from them, but this is
Couch Flambeau. I think we all thought that they
were going to get signed to a major label and they would
never talk to us little people anymore, but it didn't happen.
It's a shame they didn't get signed, because they are/were
Couch Potatoes Curiosity Rocks


Brushback said...

Wow, this is cool.

jonder said...

Love this tape. I remember back in the day that WMSE would often play a cart of "I'm a Waiter". It would be great to hear that again.

stephanie rocks said...

I think all of the save-able carts of local music got put onto compilations for WMSE on CD. If the tape was playable,and if it sounded good, it might be on CD. But I don't think this particular song made it. They're still putting out CD's, of older/newer local music,so keep your eyes peeled.