Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boris The Sprinkler - End Of The Century

Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery,when it comes from The Reverend Norb and Boris The Sprinkler,they're from Green Bay Wisconsin, and make some of the best pop punk music around these parts. Geek powered writer Norb used to write regularly for Maximum Rock And Roll, and now currently writes a column for Razorcake. Obsessed with punk rock and pop culture,these guys are always entertaining, and this record is a tribute to The Ramones.
Here's the tracks,give it a spin.

1. Rock n' Roll Radio 2. I'm Affected 3. Danny Says 4. Chinese Rocks 5. The Return of Jackie & Judy 6.Let's Go 7. Baby I Love You 8. I Can't Make It On Time 9. This Ain't Hanava 10. Rock 'n' Roll High School 11. All The Way 12. High Risk Insurance. Not one song sucks either!

Boris The Sprinkler


JohnnyHank said...

I love that they say they covered this album because everyone knows it's the worst Ramones album so, since it already sucks, they couldn't possibly do any damage (or something to that effect).

stephanie rocks said...

Ouch,that was painful to read. Do you REALLY think the band feels this way,did you ask them?
Gee whiz,this is just a fun record,stop making it into something else.

JohnnyHank said...

Listened to the intro to the album again and Rev. Norb does lay into End of the Century pretty hard. I'm sure he's nearly half could ANYONE seriously say that an album with "Rock 'n' Roll Radio," "Chinese Rocks," and "Rock 'n' Roll High School" sucks? He does also say that covering an album that the consumer already knows sucks avoids "the unpleasant surprises that are part and parcel of the Boris experience all too often."
Boris the Sprinkler was a great band even if they poked fun at the Ramones!

stephanie rocks said...

It's supposed to be fun,the album is just a parody,I wouldn't take Boris too seriously. I wrote it's a "tribute to The Ramones",there's actually people who wouldn't even know this! (that why I wrote that)
Hell, half the people on the net weren't even born when that Ramones record came out.