Saturday, October 24, 2009

Badger A Go-Go-Various Artists

Wow, if you don't have this,you gotta have it!
This compilation features one track per band of largely Milwaukee bands. Or let's just say,every band was much loved in Milwaukee, and played Milwaukee so regularly they were thought of as from there.This album came out in 1989,and released on Atomic Records,which was a pretty cool indie store,that has since closed.
A store,that the community of musicians,and music fans are already missing. You gotta have more stores selling music that doesn't have a place at the big blockbuster stores. They don't care about small bands that are local,but they sure want your local money! Well, I'm sorry to go off on that tangent. The music community is always measured by it's support by a record store that promotes,releases local talented musicians' works,or at least includes them on their racks. And that's what is important to say here. So this album was that grouping of people who were the best at this time period. Sure there could have been follow ups to this album featuring more talent,but in 1989,this was the sample of the best musicians working regularly. Some are still putting out records and playing locally. Some just have new band names. Glad they kept at it,and enjoy making music. Because I still buy their records, and at times, still manage to see them live.Watching the people come and go on this site,if you're from Milwaukee, and Wisconsin,please support the local see 'em,take your kids,so they can experience live music for the first time. Don't forget the earplugs. A lot of these tracks are exclusive to this compilation!

1. Liquid Pink- Danelectro 2. Plasticland- I'm Gonna Emphasize 3. The Squares- Downer Street
4. The Dummy Club- The American Way 5. Boy Dirt Car- K.I.D. 6. Paul Cebar & The Milwaukeeans- Can't Sit Down 7. Die Kreuzen - Seasons Of Wither (Original Version)
8. Couch Flambeau- Helvetica 9. The Blowtorch- Greivance In F#M
10. Cherry Cake- Mrs. Wilson 11. F/i - Stop At The Left,Look To The Right
12. The Appliances SFB- Play With Pain
13. Brian Ritchie & The Ghostly Trio- Blood In The Saddle 14. E-I-E-I-O-Gonna Get Gone
15. Voot Warnings- My Mother Still Likes Me

Badger A Go-Go


Tralfaz said...

I have this album! It's excellent.
I think it's on colored vinyl too...
You have a great blog! Keep up the good work.
Have you any goodies from Milwaukee's one & only Plasticland?

stephanie rocks said...

Yes,I do Tralfaz,but I wasn't going to post them anytime soon.
I had some singles I put onto disc from vinyl which really were next and up to bat. Plus some OOP Killdozer/Appliances SFB. Maybe even some weird blues from Paramount Records,I found another disc recently...

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Excellent comp, do you have any other Milwaukee comps that include non-LP cuts by Bad Boy? Thanks!

stephanie rocks said...

I'll check-I think there was a Various Artists album with one or two Bad Boy songs,but it's not digitalized yet. I'll look for it,and put that on the list. Thanks.