Friday, March 19, 2010

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 2 Various Artists

More rare Wisconsin bands and singles which may never see the
light of day, if it wasn't for people making their own compilations
like these. Again, this compilation has most bands hailing from
the Milwaukee area,with the exception of Robin and The
Three Hoods,who are from Madison. Volume two also has some
rare things never to make it to disc before,and were just vinyl
singles that were impossibly out of print since they were issued!
This batch is from the years 1966-1967,and features The Shag,
The Baroques, (who I featured on an earlier post),The Robbs,
The Ricochettes, Junior & The Classics, The Next Five,
The Skunks, Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds,
and more. The labels represented are some of the best from
Wisconsin: Fan Jr., Magic Touch, Destination, Dynamic Sound,
Pentagon, Champs,even Quill Records from Chicago,
and some are the the first or second release on that very label.
There's only a few featured on major labels like Chess-the
label from Chicago took a chance with The Baroques and
The Shaprels. Odd for a mostly blues label!
There's rock, soul,psychedelic and garage music featured on
this volume,some light pop too with The Robbs,who made it all
the way on Mercury Records, and the wonderful Shag,who
were great enough to be on Capitol Records,the Beatle label!
Stop & Listen is their only single to do that well... and it's here!
More of these soon, Please check these out! They're special!

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 2


Unknown said...

Another excellent collection. Thank you. Are there more in this series? I hope so.

stephanie rocks said...

Yup! Stay tuned.There's a lot,but honestly,they didn't compile everything! Because through collecting singles and various artists comps myself,they didn't find everything...from Wisconsin that was garage,rock,and instrumental.I hope to post more soon. I think these are brilliant compilations,and wish particularly one local label,still in business,Cuca Records would do something like this,and reap the rewards that label/owner would really benefit from. Plus see a whole new group of young people enjoying/hearing Wisconsin's music from the past. There's a lot of music from here that is actually VERY GOOD!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Wonderful! Luv your site. Plz keep these coming! Cheers, Martin

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding collection. I was familiar with some of these songs but had no idea how they were all related. My favorites are the instrumentals like "Thunder Wagon" and "Lost Love."

I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but wanted you to know how much I appreciated it. Thank you.

Trashman said...

Wow. Many many months ago I created a podcast for my sister who moved to Milawaukee entitled Milwaukee's Best versus All the Rest. It pitted Milwaukee garage bands against the rest of wisconsin complete with vintage beer adds and wisconsin movie references (e.g., "Czechoslovikia? - it is like going into Wisconsin" & Mike Shank's scream). Most of the tunes taken from Badger Beat Chroniclesa and anywhere else I could dig up a morsel. Not more than three months later the Wisconsin Music Blog was started. I thought someone had entered my brain - it was scary.
What a great prize to see this newest compilation. This will force me to create another for my sister since I never had access to many of these additional songs. C'mon rapidshare you are taking too long to download. Thanks for posting, fun stuff.

lemonflag said...

Just wanted to stop back and thank you for the Charlie Patton and the Paramount sets. It took a while to get them all dl and I have been listening to them. Thank you so much. Please enjoy your break and we will see u soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! You even have the Crusher's Photo (great touch). The comps are tip-top too...

Dick (the Bruiser)

stephanie rocks said...

my brudder Dick The Bruiser!

Anonymous said...

t=This is great, thanks! Would love to see a 70's volume (Cimarron Show Review, Kansas Road, Clicker, non-LP Bad Boy stuff).