Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 3 More Great Rock From Wisconsin!!!!!

Wisconsin Rocks Volume 3 -Various Artists from the wealth of Wisconsin independant bands from 1968-1977 on this disc.
Here's the low down kids:
01. The Skunks- I Recommend Her
02. Tony's Tygers- Little By Little
03. The Sidewalk Skipper Band- Cynthia At The Garden
04. The Sidewalk Skipper Band- Strawberry Tuesday
05. The Tygers- I Believe
06. The Love Society- Do You Wanna Dance
07. The Skunks- Small Town Girl
08. The Robbs- Changin' Winds
09. Thee Prophets- Playgirl
10. The Love Society- Tobacco Road
11. The Wrest- Bet Your Sweet Bippy
12. The Unchained Mynds- We Can't Go On This Way
13. The Coachmen- Girl In The Wind
14. The Skunks- Doing Nothing
15. Thee Prophets- Some Kind Of Wonderful
16. The Love Society- Let's Pretend(We're Making Love)
17. The Underground Sunshine- Birthday
18. Thee Prophets- Rag Doll Boy
19. Bare Fat- You Can All Join In
20. The Freeloaders- I Who Have Nothing
21. Larry Lynn- Back On The Street Again
22. Today's Tomorrow- Witchi Tai To
23. The Messengers- I Gotta Dance
24. Cherokee- Girl,I've got News For You
25. The Messengers- That's The Way A Woman Is
26. The Black Society- Look Around You
27. Truc- There's A Moon Out Tonight
28. Sunblind Lion- Jamaican Holiday
29. Bad Boy- Thinking Of You

The Skunks,Tony's Tygers,The Sidewalk Skipper Band,The Messengers,
The Black Society, Truc, Bad Boy,Cherokee,The Robbs, Thee Prophets,
were all from the Milwaukee area,The Unchained Mynds were from
La Crosse,The Love Society were from Plymouth,
The Underground Sunshine from Montello, Wisconsin.
The Sunblind Lion were originally from Appleton ,Wisconsin.
The value of this music is this : you get to hear these singles as they came out,and that's sometimes the only way you can hear these bands, just able to produce a 45 rpm single, which to me sound great! Many of the 60's bands broke up as they got older,went to college,got married, got drafted(didn't head for the northern or southern border to escape that impending doom of the Vietnam War). The Robbs got signed to Mercury Records and made some nice pop records! Some were lucky and continued on making records in other bands....I want to mention that the The Skunks in particular, they were on a Chicago label with more of a chance to get into radio air play, because of Quill Records (which Sundazed Records just released "We're Gonna Change The World! The 60's Chicago Garage Sound of Quill Productions)Wonderful stuff by the way!
Please check out Sundazed Records for that comp! You won't be sorry,it contains other songs from The Skunks,besides that great garage 60's sound of the Malibu's, The Riddles, The Commons Ltd. "I'm Gonna Change The World!",The Delights "Every Minute,Every Hour"! Wow it's cool,and only limited to 1,000 copies. Get one now before they're gone!

Bare Fat released this single here on Bang Records,in 1969. The Freeloaders single came out on A & M Records(in 1969), The Messengers single came out on Rare Earth Records in 1971. All of these labels were pretty new (only a year or two or three years as a record label) at the time,and were open to releasing singles by fairly unknown bands. I think the labels were hoping that one of these bands were going to make it into the charts,and cause a lot of excitement, but it just didn't click. Other bands on the Rare Earth label,A & M Records and Bang Records nudged these Wisconsin bands out. Too bad,I think it is just luck,chance and if you toured a lot,to get the name of your band out there...
But most of the other bands on this set/series got local airplay-local radio-and local gigs at the local high school/VFW Halls or Teen hangouts, which was pretty cool enough. A little taste of local fame was nice too. So I give you more Wisconsin rock and roll obscurities,enjoy...
Comes complete with scans front/backs/more info about where the bands came from!
Wisconsin Rocks Volume 3


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Sundlind Lion had a single that got some area play, "Amie's Song", would love to hear that. Also, Bad Boy placed some tunes on area Milwaukee radio station comp LPs that would be great to see resurface.

Hazy Dave said...

It shouldn't still be this hard to find the Robbs' single sides after all these years, but I guess it is...

Some very fine music on this volume, some of which got a lot of play on local radio. The Unchained Mynds were #1 on WOKY's survey for April 8, 1969!