Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tribute to The Crusher - Reggie Lisowski -The Greatest Wrestler EVER!


Anonymous said...

I lived in Minneapolis from 64-65 my sophomore and junior years of high school. I remember the Crusher and Dick the Bruiser (his cousin?) very vividly. Vern Gagne had a big show on TV every week Of course Vern was always a "good" guy and Crusher and Bruiser were sometimes "good" but mostly "bad". Crusher was probably the most entertaining wrestler of that period. "Locker room" interviews with him were hilarious. The song you posted went pretty high in the charts right about this time.

My junior year came along and I got a part time job at a health club in downtown Mpls. It wasn't like the posh clubs of today, Lots of weights and dumbbells, benches, racks etc, not much else except a sauna and dressing room. One night while manning the front desk, in walked the Crusher, Bruiser, Bobo Brazil and another wrestler who I realized later was John "Golden Greek" Tolas. They didn't work out, retiring immediately to the sauna with their cigars and cases of beer they had brought along. After a while I went to check on them and ended up being entertained by the many stories they told me while smoking and drinking. They even gave me a beer to drink!

I shall always remember that night. They took the time to do what they do best, which was entertain. Even if their audience was just one high school kid.

stephanie rocks said...

Man,that's a great story!
They were entertainers and played the ridiculous to the hilt!
I was just on you tube and there was The Crusher coming into the ring,on a match he wasn't supposed to play.And he was wearing a bad powder blue "new suit",dark sunglasses and was all dressed up,for who knows!
Then some other wrestlers came out and ripped up his suit,and beat the crap out of him,all fake of course!
He ended up with a ripped up suit half falling off of him,and one of the sunglasses lenses were gone,and then he did the "interview" (you know with Gene Okerland or whatever)looking all screwed up. I found that to be like the ultimately the funniest things I ever saw,it's still on you tube right now.
Just do a you tube search,and watch it while you can. It's priceless.
The Crusher played that "Milwaukee's Favorite Son" thing for his whole life.He wasn't an idiot,even though he played that to the hilt!
It's very punk rock!

Apesville said...

The Crusher & The Mexican Blue Demon Wow What a B Movie Tag Team That would have been